Full-scale design and development of custom software for forestry and forest science.

The development of your IT project is fully delivered by Grünecho. In the process, agile development is used exclusively. So remain, after fulfillment of the specifications, still freedom for adjustments and extensions.


Before project start

New customers Existing Customers
Free initial consultation
You will receive non-binding information about price and feasibility.
done done
(optional) Proof of Concept
The technical feasibility and functionality is tested in a highly reduced version.
100 € / hour inclusive
Down payment 30% 0%

During the project

New customers Existing Customers
100% Transparency
Access to the source code at any time.
done done
Regular updates of the source code.
daily daily & realtime
direct contact with the developer
done done
(optional) On-site appointments
On-site appointments are available upon request.
done done
Automated tests ensure the quality of the software and prevent the publication of erroneous source code.
relevant functions relevant functions
Graphical preview of the resulting application.
done done
Code Review
The source code is evaluated together with a (3rd) developer.
close done

After project end

New customers Existing Customers
Necessary updates of the software to remain executable for 3 times the duration of the project from the end of the project.
inclusive inclusive
Fixed hourly rate
For commissioned extensions of the software, the agreed hourly rate will be charged.
done done
Projektunabhängiger Technischer Support
3 times the length of the project duration from the end of the project
done done
1 weekend overnight stay on Alptraum.
done done

Public Money, Public Code

If the project is financed by tax money, Grünecho brings its own contribution to the project . The project is developed accordingly open source.

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