100 houres open source

I am giving away 100 hours of my working time for a open source project that you always wanted to realise.

rules~ what~ why~ how

100 hours open source


Your open source project...

  • ... is related to forestry and software development.
  • ~
  • ... results will be published under MIT license on github.
  • ~
  • ... can be finished in 100 hours in July 2021.


I like doing crazy and innovative forestry related software stuff and getting to know nice people that are also into forestry IT.

Let's think out of the box and support open source at the same time.

What I can do

Can be a web, mobile, desktop application, website, service, data visualization, python, js, vue project, rendering, api, game, node project...

Check out my references on Gr√ľnecho to get an idea of what I usually do.


It's allways fun learning something new. So don't hesitate to go creative.


Send your open source project idea description in 2-3 sentences to me.



1st of June 2021

I'll get in touch with you if the project is feasible for me till 1st of July.